Sbach 342

Sbach 342 ARTF

With exhaust tunnel modifications, avionics installation and engine mounting.

This was a hobby king 30cc ARTF Sbach 342 airframe.  It has been modified to take a tuned pipe inside the fuselage and a Zenoah 26cc magneto petrol engine fitted on standoffs from a modified bulkhead.

It had high voltage servo Hitec servos used throughout linked into a Spektrum receiver running directly from a two cell lipo.

The engine also has an engine cut-off fitted to a channel on the receiver to ground the magneto coil which will cut the engine upon radio failure or from the flick of a switch on the transmitter.

I must say I was very impressed with the kit and the quality of the components considering the pricing, very good value for money.  The only item that really needs upgrading is the main undercarriage.