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ZAP glues

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We stock a wide range of ZAP glues and accessories.

Zap adhesives. The complete adhesive system. Whatever your application, Whatever your demands... The Zap Adhesive System has the most complete range of formulas and sizes for your needs.

Super thin penetrating formula, works great on most materials, especially balsa and other soft woods.  Excellent “wicking action”, can be used to strengthen fibreglass cloth.  Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.

A premium two part epoxy ideal for the fast build and repairs in both the workshop and in the field. This epoxy is vibration resistant and fuel proof and well not get brittle with age. We do not recommend this epoxy for major load bearing joints or where much greater strength is required, here we … Continue reading 5 Minute Z-POXY

A premium two part epoxy for high strength applications. e.g. engine mounts, fire walls, bulkheads and anywhere where there is a high load. This epoxy is not effected by fuel and will not become brittle over age. The 30 minute cure time give you all the time you need to ensure all the items are … Continue reading 30 minute Z-POXY

Fills gaps and works well on harder woods such as spruce, even works on oily surfaces. Allow 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 24 hours, the cure can be accelerated with ZIP Kicker.

Accelerates super glue cure times, sets in just a few seconds. Available in 2 oz with pump dispenser and 8 oz refill bottle.

Z-ENDS extender tip to allow drops of glue to be placed in hard to access areas, plus a 12″ length of micro dropper tubing.

This is a true odourless CA, it has the same filling properties as ZAP A GAP CA+ but without the fumes. Works on balsa, plywood, bass wood and most other modelling materials. It is a medium thickness that cure in 15 seconds.

The worlds best canopy glue, 560 dries clear and make it idea for attaching canopies and pre formed ABS parts. The glue has excellent shock resistant bonds and will stay put even at high vibration and speed. The glue is non toxic and water-based.

Accelerator for Zap O and other Foam CA’s. Non fuming formula.

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