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Customer builds ranging from scratch builds to ARTF installations. No job is too big or too small.

Vortex 32 with Jetcat P20

Recently completed Vortex 32 with Jetcat P20 and full retracts.

Strip down original airframe, removed covering, wings and fuselage modified for retracts (original is fixed undercarriage).

Fuselage glass clothed and then applied a custom paint job.

Wing Span 51.2in / 1300mm
Wing Area 442 sq in / 28.5 sq dm
Flying Weight 4.6 lb / 2100g
Fuselage Length 48 in / 1215 mm

Airworld F100 Super Sabre

We are currently working on a Airworld F100 Super Sabre, updating the avionics installation and making a custom Kevlar and fibreglass fuel tank.

This is the newly finished fuel tank ready for installation.

Check back soon, more photos to follow…

ZN Line Wizard

Wing span (m) 2.20m
Length (m) 2.38m
Weight (kg) 11.5 kg dry with P140 RXI
Engine (cc) From P90 to P180

A new sport and full aerobatic jet made by ZNline Belgium in full composite with vacuum sandwich technology, fully designed with industrial 3D software to optimize all aerodynamic conception and to integrate all internal components. The masters are milled from 3D files on high presistion CNC machine for all forms and aerofoils.

Custom paint job in partnership with John Cooke at JecTek.  A pearlescent white with carbon effect and blue panels.

Wendell Hostetler 33% Super Decathlon

This was a plan built aircraft, we finished the airframe, stipped off the original covering and recovered in oracover and completed the avionics install.

The spats and cowl where sprayed to suit and the airframe fitted with a 120cc Twin EME Petrol Engine.

The vinyl graphics where cut by Robbie Skipton at BMD Signs & Wraps.

Plans specification
Span 126.72"
Area 2626 sq in
Weight 25-30 lbs.
Length 89.6"
Power 6-7 cu. in.



Mirage 2000 undercarriage repair

A Mirage 2000 came in for undercarriage repairs, two new wings where fitted, retract doors repaired and refitted.  The receiver tray was re-attached and one of the saddle fuel tanks repaired as it had split.

Here it is finally assembled and being balanced.

S.A. Bulldog

This is a YT International ARTF that was modified to beef up the undercarriage, add a lighting system, include a cockpit and parcel shelf for an effective stand-off scale club flyer.

A DLE 32 was fitted with in cowl silencer and the firewall and steering mount modified to accommodate.

To accommodate all the functions a 9 channel receiver was used.

2 channels Ailerons
2 channels Elevators
2 channels Flaps
1 channel Rudder & Steering
1 channel Throttle
1 channel Lights
Kit specifications
Wing Span 87" (2210mm)
Length 61" (1549mm)
Wing area 9.3 sq. ft. (60 sq. dm.)
Wing Loading 28.4oz/sq.ft. (86.7g/sq.dm.)
Flying Weight 11.4 lbs. (5.2kg)
Radio 6 ch & 6 servos
Gas Engine 26cc – 30cc.

Carf Hawk Build

This build was completed August 2014 for Colin Perry.

It has a Jet Cat 160px turbine , JR radio and servos.

It is fitted with a servo match Powerbox on custom radio trays to match the aircraft paint scheme, with high quality airline and fittings through UPS valves and a easy connect system for airline and servos.


A customers build for his CARF BAE Hawk kit.

This was completed July 2013 and he has sent us some great photos that we thought we would share.

 One happy customer!

Precision Aerobatics Fokker DVII ARTF

Customer supplied an artf kit, engine and radio for Kingfisher to do a complete install and paint scheme to his specification.

Pictures show radio installation, model all painted and being balanced ready for client to collect.


1/5 Scale P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ Razorback

This is a customer build based on a set of Nick Ziroli Giant Scale Plans for 1/5 P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ and a Belair laser cut kit.

Specifications – 1/5th scale with 92 inch wingspan and 79 inch length. With a total wing area of 1500 sq inches, the model weighs 35 lbs and is designed for 3.7 cu in petrol (62cc) engines.

Here are some pictures of the main fuselage, the bottom half is already glass clothed.

The subject is being modelled on Snafu which is currently based at Duxford in the flying legends collection.

P-47 Snafu
P-47 Snafu

Fuselage has now been mounted on a jig to work on the upper sheeting and hatches.

 More pictures to follow…