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Airworld F100 Super Sabre

We are currently working on a Airworld F100 Super Sabre, updating the avionics installation and making a custom Kevlar and fibreglass fuel tank.

This is the newly finished fuel tank ready for installation.

Check back soon, more photos to follow…

ZN Line Wizard

Wing span (m) 2.20m
Length (m) 2.38m
Weight (kg) 11.5 kg dry with P140 RXI
Engine (cc) From P90 to P180

A new sport and full aerobatic jet made by ZNline Belgium in full composite with vacuum sandwich technology, fully designed with industrial 3D software to optimize all aerodynamic conception and to integrate all internal components. The masters are milled from 3D files on high presistion CNC machine for all forms and aerofoils.

Custom paint job in partnership with John Cooke at JecTek.  A pearlescent white with carbon effect and blue panels.

Wendell Hostetler 33% Super Decathlon

This was a plan built aircraft, we finished the airframe, stipped off the original covering and recovered in oracover and completed the avionics install.

The spats and cowl where sprayed to suit and the airframe fitted with a 120cc Twin EME Petrol Engine.

The vinyl graphics where cut by Robbie Skipton at BMD Signs & Wraps.

Plans specification
Span 126.72"
Area 2626 sq in
Weight 25-30 lbs.
Length 89.6"
Power 6-7 cu. in.



Mirage 2000 undercarriage repair

A Mirage 2000 came in for undercarriage repairs, two new wings where fitted, retract doors repaired and refitted.  The receiver tray was re-attached and one of the saddle fuel tanks repaired as it had split.

Here it is finally assembled and being balanced.

S.A. Bulldog

This is a YT International ARTF that was modified to beef up the undercarriage, add a lighting system, include a cockpit and parcel shelf for an effective stand-off scale club flyer.

A DLE 32 was fitted with in cowl silencer and the firewall and steering mount modified to accommodate.

To accommodate all the functions a 9 channel receiver was used.

2 channels Ailerons
2 channels Elevators
2 channels Flaps
1 channel Rudder & Steering
1 channel Throttle
1 channel Lights
Kit specifications
Wing Span 87" (2210mm)
Length 61" (1549mm)
Wing area 9.3 sq. ft. (60 sq. dm.)
Wing Loading 28.4oz/sq.ft. (86.7g/
Flying Weight 11.4 lbs. (5.2kg)
Radio 6 ch & 6 servos
Gas Engine 26cc – 30cc.

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We have been busy, this is a selection of what we have been up to…

Vortex 32 with Jetcat P20
Airworld F100 Super Sabre
ZN Line Wizard
Wendell Hostetler 33% Super Decathlon
Mirage 2000 undercarriage repair
S.A. Bulldog

Soon to follow pictures of a newly completed Bucker Jungmeister Bucker Jungmeister Logo

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More pictures have been added for our P-47 Thunderbolt build and a recently finished Fokker D7.

We have added more products… even more to follow…

New Products
Some of our new products...

All products

Here is a list of all products currently listed on our website.

Super thin penetrating formula, works great on most materials, especially balsa and other soft woods.  Excellent “wicking action”, can be used to strengthen fibreglass cloth.  Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.

A premium two part epoxy ideal for the fast build and repairs in both the workshop and in the field. This epoxy is vibration resistant and fuel proof and well not get brittle with age. We do not recommend this epoxy for major load bearing joints or where much greater strength is required, here we … Continue reading 5 Minute Z-POXY

A premium two part epoxy for high strength applications. e.g. engine mounts, fire walls, bulkheads and anywhere where there is a high load. This epoxy is not effected by fuel and will not become brittle over age. The 30 minute cure time give you all the time you need to ensure all the items are … Continue reading 30 minute Z-POXY

Fitments for Futaba / Savox / JR / Hitec.

Fitments for Futaba / Savox / JR / Hitec.

Fitments for Futaba / Savox / JR / Hitec.

Fitment ONLY for Futaba / Savox.

Fills gaps and works well on harder woods such as spruce, even works on oily surfaces. Allow 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 24 hours, the cure can be accelerated with ZIP Kicker.

Accelerates super glue cure times, sets in just a few seconds. Available in 2 oz with pump dispenser and 8 oz refill bottle.

Z-ENDS extender tip to allow drops of glue to be placed in hard to access areas, plus a 12″ length of micro dropper tubing.

This is a true odourless CA, it has the same filling properties as ZAP A GAP CA+ but without the fumes. Works on balsa, plywood, bass wood and most other modelling materials. It is a medium thickness that cure in 15 seconds.

The worlds best canopy glue, 560 dries clear and make it idea for attaching canopies and pre formed ABS parts. The glue has excellent shock resistant bonds and will stay put even at high vibration and speed. The glue is non toxic and water-based.

Accelerator for Zap O and other Foam CA’s. Non fuming formula.

Large and small sets.

Sopwith pup type, 8 horns per set.

Two size to suit both Silicone and Tygon tube. Packaged in 5′s.

Replace the arms on your walbro carbs with a servo arm that works in partnership with your servo movement.

High quality ceramic, sintered and felt clunks.

Trike set of oleos to suit Xcalibur available with brake fitting or without. These are the latest trailing link units designed for the Ripmax Xcalibur. They have a 20 mm offset and measure 110 mm from the axle to the top, they have a 6 mm mounting or with the adapter shown fitted will fit … Continue reading Ripmax Xcalibur Retract Set

Tank set for the Willis Warbirds Jet Provost kit.  This is for a set of three epoxy glass tanks including fittings.

Jet Provost retract sets for the Willis Warbirds kit. Specifications Individual items Sets Brake & wheel Sets

We can supply a jet pipe suitable for the Willis Warbirds Jet Provost kit.

Price £120.00

To suit 6 mm OD pipe in packets of 10

Price £4.50

To suit 5 mm OD pipe in packets of 10

Price £4.50

To suit 4 mm OD pipe in packets of 10

Packets of 5 strips (each strip contains 10 clips)

Available in 6 mm, 8 mm and 1/4″ diameters. Lengths are 40 mm and 80 mm.

Available in various colours.

Available in 100 mm and 130 mm lengths.

Protect your expensive models from the dreaded hanger rash with our of the shelf 30 cc up to 100 cc wing bags. We can also make covers for your rudder and tail stabiliser as well. Please call us for quotes on custom wing bags.

Price £ (please call)

Protect your expensive jet model from the dreaded hanger rash with this custom made wing and fuselage bag set.

Price £ (please call)

Protect your expensive jet model from the dreaded hanger rash with this custom made wing and fuselage bag set.

Price £ (please call)

Retract air tanks in various sizes.

Air line fittings Xicoy electronic retract valve air up & down with 1/16″ barbs.

Various sizes of ball races retract wheels.

Various sized plain bearing ESM retract wheels.

Servo extension leads, 22 swg. Lengths from 15cm to 100cm.

This clevis will screw onto a 3 mm thread.

Various sized linkage ball joints with and without standoffs.  These  fit a 3 mm thread with 3 mm or 2mm hole diameters. Sold in packets of ? ball joints.

Multiplex MPX 6 pin connectors, enable neat installations and quick connection/disconnection of two servos in one plug or other wiring purposes.

MPX mounting plates in GRP

This is a MPX holder plate in nylon.

Retract control valve for air up & down in 5 and 3 nipple versions with 1/16″ barbs, for use with a servo to control the valve.

Bulkhead mounting pressure gauge upto 150 PSI / 1 MPa. 1/16″ barb fitting.

Various nylon air line connectors, priced as indicated.

Various high quality metal air line fittings with 1/16″ barb, prices as indicated.

Ensure your servo leads never become disconnected with this simple device which is quick and easy to install.  Ideal for connecting extension cables or when connecting your wing servos on larger models.

Available in various colours.

Fuel pipe polyurethane 3 mm to 6 mm outer dimensions.

Price from £ TBC per meter

Fuel tank fitting bung assembly to epoxy into fuel tank with screw fitting center.

Fuel tank bung assembly screw fit.

Fuel tank fitting 90° elbow, 5mm thread for 4mm internal diameter pipe.

Fuel tank nipple fitting, 5 mm thread with a 4 mm barb.

Offset door hinges in nylon.

Various 2 mm to 3 mm control horns CNC cut from GRP.

Air line fittings fill valve 1/16″ barb bulkhead mounting.

Air line fittings nipple 3 mm and 5 mm thread to 1/16″ barb straight.

Air line fittings 90° nipple in 3 mm and 5 mm thread to 1/16″ barb.

Top Flight Giant Scale Zero Retracts 85°

BV141 retract units and oleos for 5″ wheels.

We stock a wide range of retract units, please contact us for further details. You can see our Premier UK Retracts for more details.

We stock a wide range of retract oleos, please contact us for further details. You can see our Premier UK Retracts for more details.

We occasionally have some second hand goodies to sell.

We sometimes have stock we need to clear.

We sometime sell on new and old kits and unfinished projects.

Watch this space, new products are being added all the time.

The PowerBox Pioneer is the latest development of a 14-channel power supply unit without voltage regulation, designed for HV servos. Since the unit has no voltage regulators, nor the large heat-sink surfaces required for them, it offers ultra-compact dimensions. Even so, the Pioneer still provides redundancy, as is the standard for all power supply units … Continue reading PowerBox Pioneer

Please contact us to make a purchase.


A customers build for his CARF BAE Hawk kit.

This was completed July 2013 and he has sent us some great photos that we thought we would share.

 One happy customer!

Jet Provost Fuel Tanks

Started production of the Jet Provost Fuel Tanks for the Willis Warbirds kit.

Here are some of the pre-production tanks and the tank moulds.

The cost of a set of three epoxy glass tanks including fittings will be £195.00

Here are some pictures of the first production run.

We plan to have a kevlar option in the near future, price TBC.

1/5 Scale P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ Razorback

This is a customer build based on a set of Nick Ziroli Giant Scale Plans for 1/5 P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ and a Belair laser cut kit.

Specifications – 1/5th scale with 92 inch wingspan and 79 inch length. With a total wing area of 1500 sq inches, the model weighs 35 lbs and is designed for 3.7 cu in petrol (62cc) engines.

Here are some pictures of the main fuselage, the bottom half is already glass clothed.

The subject is being modelled on Snafu which is currently based at Duxford in the flying legends collection.

P-47 Snafu
P-47 Snafu

Fuselage has now been mounted on a jig to work on the upper sheeting and hatches.

 More pictures to follow…