P47 Razorback

1/5 Scale P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ Razorback

This is a customer build based on a set of Nick Ziroli Giant Scale Plans for 1/5 P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ and a Belair laser cut kit.

Specifications – 1/5th scale with 92 inch wingspan and 79 inch length. With a total wing area of 1500 sq inches, the model weighs 35 lbs and is designed for 3.7 cu in petrol (62cc) engines.

Here are some pictures of the main fuselage, the bottom half is already glass clothed.

The subject is being modelled on Snafu which is currently based at Duxford in the flying legends collection.

P-47 Snafu
P-47 Snafu

Fuselage has now been mounted on a jig to work on the upper sheeting and hatches.

 More pictures to follow…