Vortex 32 with Jetcat P20

Recently completed Vortex 32 with Jetcat P20 and full retracts.

Strip down original airframe, removed covering, wings and fuselage modified for retracts (original is fixed undercarriage).

Fuselage glass clothed and then applied a custom paint job.

Wing Span 51.2in / 1300mm
Wing Area 442 sq in / 28.5 sq dm
Flying Weight 4.6 lb / 2100g
Fuselage Length 48 in / 1215 mm


A customers build for his CARF BAE Hawk kit.

This was completed July 2013 and he has sent us some great photos that we thought we would share.

 One happy customer!

Jet Provost Fuel Tanks

Started production of the Jet Provost Fuel Tanks for the Willis Warbirds kit.

Here are some of the pre-production tanks and the tank moulds.

The cost of a set of three epoxy glass tanks including fittings will be £195.00

Here are some pictures of the first production run.

We plan to have a kevlar option in the near future, price TBC.

Precision Aerobatics Fokker DVII ARTF

Customer supplied an artf kit, engine and radio for Kingfisher to do a complete install and paint scheme to his specification.

Pictures show radio installation, model all painted and being balanced ready for client to collect.


1/5 Scale P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ Razorback

This is a customer build based on a set of Nick Ziroli Giant Scale Plans for 1/5 P-47 Thunderbolt 92″ and a Belair laser cut kit.

Specifications – 1/5th scale with 92 inch wingspan and 79 inch length. With a total wing area of 1500 sq inches, the model weighs 35 lbs and is designed for 3.7 cu in petrol (62cc) engines.

Here are some pictures of the main fuselage, the bottom half is already glass clothed.

The subject is being modelled on Snafu which is currently based at Duxford in the flying legends collection.

P-47 Snafu
P-47 Snafu

Fuselage has now been mounted on a jig to work on the upper sheeting and hatches.

 More pictures to follow…

Boomerang Jet

Boomerang Jet retract installation repair

After a very heavy landing of this boomerang jet the front nose leg was completely ripped out of the fuselage and one of the rear trailing links was broken in half as shown below.


After reconstructing the nose of the jet a new retract was fitted and a new access hatch made.

Goldwings Yak 55

Goldwings Yak 55 engine installation

This project involved the removal of the original fire wall as the MacKay engine being fitted was a longer than the usual engines  fitted to this airframe. A custom manifold was manufactured to suit the engine and exhaust can.

To ensure there was sufficient cooling for both engine and pipe, a baffle was fitted into the cowl to direct airflow over the cylinder head and then over the exhaust.


Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup

Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup

This was an abandon project of E-Bay which was purchased by our client who wanted  it look a little      different. After completing all the necessary work to make it a flyable plane a suitable paint scheme was found on the Internet, then armed with a set of spray mask from flight line graphics the plane shown here was born. 

Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup
Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup

Christian Eagle

Christian Eagle

This was a build of an ARFT kit which required a large amount of work to actually make all the items fit and look right. It is fitted with a CRRCPRO GF50i engine with an after market in fuselage exhaust system and custom manifold to allow the fitment of a 3MT smoke system.