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S.A. Bulldog

This is a YT International ARTF that was modified to beef up the undercarriage, add a lighting system, include a cockpit and parcel shelf for an effective stand-off scale club flyer.

A DLE 32 was fitted with in cowl silencer and the firewall and steering mount modified to accommodate.

To accommodate all the functions a 9 channel receiver was used.

2 channels Ailerons
2 channels Elevators
2 channels Flaps
1 channel Rudder & Steering
1 channel Throttle
1 channel Lights
Kit specifications
Wing Span 87" (2210mm)
Length 61" (1549mm)
Wing area 9.3 sq. ft. (60 sq. dm.)
Wing Loading 28.4oz/sq.ft. (86.7g/sq.dm.)
Flying Weight 11.4 lbs. (5.2kg)
Radio 6 ch & 6 servos
Gas Engine 26cc – 30cc.