Jet Provost Retract Units

Jet Provost Retract Sets

Jet Provost retract sets for the Willis Warbirds kit.


Mains 85°
Oleos mains Length 88mm
Clamp fitting 11mm
Axles 6mm

Individual items

Mains units 85°  £80.00 each
Nose unit 115°  inc. steering mechanism
(forward retract scale or rearward retract sports options)
Oleos Mains £65.00 a pair
Oleos Nose Scale £89.00
Oleos Nose Sport £75.00


Sports mains nose and oleos £350.00
Scale mains nose and oleos £365.00
Retract units only £250.00

Brake & wheel Sets

Brake set inc. wheels £125.00